Thomasena Newton, as told to Karina Hotchkiss, CFC Intern

Thomasena Newton is who many would call a saint, but even more would call a personal friend. Throughout her life, she has provided over 100 children with a home, fostering children from where she grew up in Monroe County, South Carolina…

A story from Cheryl Moeller

Thousands of American families want to foster unaccompanied refugee children living in undesirable and often life-threatening conditions. That number continues to grow as news about the alarming conditions inside refugee camps are exposed.

Before the Center for Disease Control’s virus order took effect in late…

…a story from Kristie Elias, CFC’s Vice President for Behavioral Health Services

Although opioid and other drug addictions receive far more attention than alcoholism lately, all addictions are harmful to the family’s well‑being.

For families and friends who have found the blessings of recovery, the holidays can be a time of joyfulness and gratitude. …

a story from Michele Saccente, Placement Services Youth Mentor at CFC

… What we saw at the border — a collective story from CFC as we encounter families seeking asylum at the US Southern Border — Part 6

Continued from Part 5

To read from the beginning

I call my story, “ HOPE”. Hope is something we all carry with us, it’s something that we share with others and others share with us. I believe…

Part 2 of a continuing story by Susan LeDoux

read Part 1 here

This blog continues the discussion about elder services provided by Catholic Family Center in Rochester, NY. Again, I am indebted to Virginia Clark, Associate Director, Aging and Adult Services, and for the photos provided by CFC’s Katherine Grant for their help.

STAR PROGRAM (Support To Aging…

Catholic Charities Family and Community Services

CCFCS is the largest provider of family services in the Rochester, NY area, addressing issues of need across all stages of life. See more:

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