Where to Find Help for Seniors and Caregivers — services to help seniors stay at home

Part 2 of a continuing story by Susan LeDoux

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A client and her caregiver, used with permission

This blog continues the discussion about elder services provided by Catholic Family Center in Rochester, NY. Again, I am indebted to Virginia Clark, Associate Director, Aging and Adult Services, and for the photos provided by CFC’s Katherine Grant for their help.

STAR PROGRAM (Support To Aging Residents)

Elderly people and their caregivers often face transportation and home maintenance issues. The STAR program helps them remain independent despite these challenges.

SERVICES AND ELIGIBILITY: You must be at least 60 years old, live in Monroe County, have limited family support, and need access to community services.

It offers help with:

● Grocery shopping (with or for you), clothes shopping

● Transportation to medical appointments and other essential errands within Monroe County. (The drivers are employees of CFC and in time develop relationships with their clients. They often notice changes in their clients and may make recommendations or refer them to other programs.) Because they use their personal cars, they are unable to handle wheelchairs. However, they will offer minimal assistance to someone with a walker, or who needs a little help getting in and out of the car.

● Prescription pick-up

● Banking

● Home repairs and maintenance (through the Home Works program*)

● Trips to the Mall. Drop off and pick up times are negotiated.

COST is either a modest fee-for-service program or through donation-based program.

* Home Works program is run by a volunteer Coordinator. Clients sign up with Home Works and its coordinator will link them to home repair specialists who can be trusted. Fees are lower than market value.


Helps provide solutions to short-term problems. Perhaps you need to move into affordable housing, apply for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program SNAP (what was food stamps) or Medicaid. This is a joint program with Lifespan and CFC counselors, and assists professionals as well as caregivers and older adults.

Some situations may be a bit more complex, especially for the client, and require personal consultation. Very complex situations may be referred to another resource.

The care coordinator will visit or consult via phone to assess the felt need. Often other needs come to light because people may not always know what they need or what is available to them.

Geriatric Mental Health

Geriatric mental health specialist offer options for counseling. It is not unusual for people to experience depression and anxiety when they lose loved ones, or have chronic illnesses that steal their independence. Caregivers can experience stress overload. Talking with a counselor or a referral to an appropriate resource often helps. This specialist will help connect you with your best options.

SORP (Services to Older Refugees Program)

For many years, CFC has assisted refugees obtain services that help them acclimate to life in the United States. In fact, last month, CFC teams went, on their own time, to the Mexican border to help refugees there.

SORP offers care providers and care coordinators who help the older refugee navigate our system for benefits and housing.

For more information about Catholic Family Center, visit https://www.cfcrochester.org/ or call (585) 546–7220.

For more stories, Susan’s website and blog can be found here: www.susanledoux.com



CCFCS is the largest provider of family services in the Rochester, NY area, addressing issues of need across all stages of life. See more: www.fcscharities.org

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Catholic Charities Family and Community Services

Catholic Charities Family and Community Services

CCFCS is the largest provider of family services in the Rochester, NY area, addressing issues of need across all stages of life. See more: www.fcscharities.org