The Story of My Life as a Foster Mom

Thomasena Newton at her retirement celebration with CFC

“Your experience is different from their experience, and you have got to learn, and once you learn, then you can operate differently with them. But if you don’t learn, then you can’t operate.”

“Everybody is somebody and you have got to give them a chance to know that they are somebody.”

Thomasena Newton at her retirement celebration party with CFC’s Unaccompanied Refugee Minor case manager team

“The most important thing in this journey is that they know that they are human beings too.”

“I always know that there’s a need. Everybody has a need — and it ain’t always foster care. Kids need different things from different places. You don’t live by yourself in this world. And you have to learn how to help people. One day you’re going to need help. And you don’t know when that day is coming. But if you live right, the doors will open for you.”

Thomasena Newton (right) with Hilary Clinton (middle) and Judy Ashton of the Adoptive and Foster Family Coalition (left)

“The most important thing in the world is understanding. Whether it’s through a child or anybody else. With understanding you can change the world in so many ways. But if you ain’t got no understanding you ain’t got nothing.”

“Well, all I can say is, if it’s your truth, that’s what matters. ’Cause my story is different from everybody else’s story. My experience is different, but it’s my experience. Everybody is somebody’s child, and they are wondering where and how their child is. As a foster mom, I never forgot that I was taking care of another mother’s child, who had her own dreams and love for her children.”

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