The First 90 Days Sober

“Addiction represents some of the most devastating losses, shame and regrets,” said Kristie Elias, LCSW, Vice President of Behavioral Heath at Catholic Family Center. “It can lead to voluntary or involuntary institutionalization (such as admittance to emergency department, hospital or rehab facility), incarceration or death, if untreated.”

“It is critical to seek advice from a medical professional to determine whether or not detox should be conducted under medical supervision or at home,” said Elias. “Detoxing from alcohol and benzodiazepines can lead to death. Detox from other drugs can be uncomfortable, but not deadly, and may not need to be monitored medically.”

“Telling secrets to a stranger is scary and shameful. However, honesty is key to obtain the best individualize treatment recommendation,” added Elias.



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