Alcoholism can have devastating effects on the family: resources and a guide for family and friends of an alcoholic

group of people, one drinking alcohol from a bottle
Addictions can have a devastating effect on the the whole family

Although opioid and other drug addictions receive far more attention than alcoholism lately, all addictions are harmful to the family’s well‑being.

For families and friends who have found the blessings of recovery, the holidays can be a time of joyfulness and gratitude. For others, it can be very painful and filled with disappointments as they experience the active phases of this family disease.

kids on couch with adult male in background
The victims of alcoholism are not only the people who consume alcohol, but also those who are affected
tired mom with sleeping child
If you do not take care of you own needs, you will not be able to care for others. The practice own self‑care should be a daily priority.



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